Mismon - To be the leader in household IPL hair removal and home use RF beauty instrument with amazing efficiency.

It aims to make people enjoy the feeling of being hair-free and look and feel amazing every day.Let's explore the great features and benefits of this device.
2024 05 24
It uses EMS microcurrent to create a more suitable skin care conditionto achieve the effect of skin lifting and tightening and elasticity.
2024 05 23
creates a more suitable skin care state based on the RF deep warming function, it achieves good effects of lifting and tightening the skin, whitening and elasticity by using EMS micro current technology with vibration, Light therapy technology, to stimulate collagen regeneration and tighten the skin.
2024 05 22
MS-308C Multifunctional Beauty device is a home use, deep thermalbased system for facial ion cleaning, ion moisturizing, RF, EMS, vibration, cooling and LED light therapy
2024 05 21
Find distributors and agents worldwide! Join us to promote the 5 IN1 Multifunctional Beauty Device
2024 05 20
Hair removal effect and usage experience have always been one of the issues that consumers are most concerned about. Our innovations are also driven by consumer and customer needs. MiSMON has the most advanced engineering team and the most professional invention team, focusing on producing clinical effects products.
2024 04 03
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Shenzhen Mismon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with enterprise integrating home IPL hair removal equipment, RF multi-functional beauty device, EMS eye care device, Ion Import device, Ultrasonic facial cleanser, home use equipment.

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