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              Product Name: 48W CCFL UV LED Lamp

              Product Feature:

              1. Slide design, slide down the cover when using, avoid the direct light to eyes.

              2. Double light source(365+405nm) LED to curve UV Gel/Builder/LED gel.

              3. Infrared sensor hands in Light on automatically.

              4. Having a magnet panel fixed in the lamp bottom, which can be dismantled freely, you can remove the panel directly when you want a foot use. After use it can be installed easily.

              5. Long lifetime: The ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps' life is 3000-5000hours, some tubes' life are even less than 3000hours. So it bothers to exchange and increase in production costs. But this tubes' life is more than 5000hours when it is used discontinuously.

              6. Save time: When we use led nail gel, the dry time is about 30seconds. But for the ordinary tube-style nail UV lamps, its dry time is about 2-3minutes. 36watt led nail UV lamp save working hours greatly for customers. 

              Product Parameter:

              1.Power:48W( 36W LED Lamp+12W CCFL

              2.Wavelength Range:395-405nm
              4.Fixed Timer:10s/20s/30s
              5.Input Voltage 100-240V;50/60Hz
              6.Adapter Output Voltage 12V, 4.0A
              7.LED lamp Using Time:More than 50000 hours'life
              8.Certificates: CE
              9.Warranty period: 1 Year