• MS-226B Home Use Mini Painless Permanent IPL Hair removal Device with 3 functions

    • MS-218B Home Use IPL Laser Permanently Hair Removal Device with Sapphire Cooling Panel

    • MS-208B IPL Hair Removal, Ice Cool Laser IPL Hair Removal Permanent Painless Hair Remover Device for Facial Whole Body At Home

    • MS-210B Mini Home Use IPL Hair Removal Device

    • MS-206B MISMON FDA Permanent IPL Hair Removal Equipment

      • Silicone Facial Brush

      • Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

      • Facial Cleansing Brush

        • MS-318C 2023 Multifunctional Ultrasonic Beauty Device

        • MS-316C Multifunctional Pulse Beauty Device

        • 6 in 1 multifunctional RF beauty device with Ion technology

        • 5 in 1 Multifunctional Beauty Device

        • Comedo Suction Device

            • UKCA

            • Certificates

              • Mini 3W Nail Dryer

              • Mini 3W Nail Dryer

              • LED Lamp Nail Dryer

              • 48W CCFL Nail Lamp

              • 48W Nail Dryer

              • UV LED Lamp

              Product overall features:

              Products Description

              5 Advanced technology
              6 adjustable beauty mode
              Clean+Import+Eye care+EMS UP+RF LED+Cool
              Charging time
              3 hours
              Battery Capacity
              7.4V 500mAh Lithium Ion Battery
              Led colors
              Red and Blue
              Charging base